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  The Luxartis Kolinsky Sable brushes are hand made and will therefore vary slightly in size. The dimensions given here refer to the wet state of the brush. The sizes have been provided to help you choose the correct brush when purchasing as these brushes do vary from other companies and are overall slightly slimmer. This size difference is not very noticeable in the smaller sizes but will vary in the larger sizes. 

Luxartis Kolinsky Sable Round Pointed Brushes

Size       Tuft Length      Tuft width at ferrule  

10/0        4mm                  0.5mm

5/0          5mm                  0.5mm

3/0          7mm                  0.75mm

0             9mm                  1mm

2             11mm                1.75mm

4             15mm                2.5mm

6             19mm                3.5mm

8             22mm                4.75mm

10           24mm                5.5mm

12           26mm                6.5mm

14           28mm                7mm

16           30mm                8mm

18           31mm                9mm 

20           33mm               10mm

Luxartis Squirrel Hair Brushes

Luxartis Kolinsky Sable Rigger Brushes

Size          Tuft Length          Tuft Width

2/0             15mm                   1mm

1                18mm                   1.5mm

3                22mm                   2.5mm

5                26mm                   3.5mm

Luxartis Kolinsky Sable Flat Brushes

Size           Tuft Length       Tuft Width

2                 7mm                   2.5mm

6                 9mm                   6mm

12               15mm                 11mm

18               21mm                 19mm

24               27mm                 28mm

Size          Tuft Length         Tuft width at ferrule

24                  39mm                        14mm

40                  45mm                        16mm

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