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Luxartis is a small specialist company selling artist's paintbrushes via the online marketplace. The brushes we sell are particularly good for watercolour painters, this is because the watercolour medium is very sensitive to the quality of the brush being used. A good brush for watercolour holds sufficient water, is flexible and comes to a fine point. The better the brush quality is often reflected in the finished painting produced. All Luxartis brushes are individually hand-made by qualified and highly skilled craftsmen who have dedicated their working lives to the making of quality artists tools. We commission our brushes from a father and son team in Germany who have dedicated decades to the making of quality artists brushes and are very skilled in their craft. 

I paint using these excellent brushes myself and wanted to enable other artists to have access to the quality workmanship provided by these fantastic makers from Germany. 

I had often found it difficult to obtain good quality brushes at a reasonable price locally and once I found these brushes and realised I could provide them to other artists at great prices I did so.  The company is solely internet based, which means that I can sell the brushes all over uk and other countries from the Dorset countryside. I have found that these brushes have increased my painting confidence and hope that others will be pleased with their results in a similar way.

I hope that you will be pleased with any purchases made from the site but if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.


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